The Privatization Commission is a corporate body established under Section 3 of the Privatization Act (2005)


  1. Formulate, manage and implement the Privatization Programme
  2. Make and implement specific proposals for privatization in accordance with the Privatization Programme;
  3. Carry out such other functions as are provided for under the Act; and
  4. Carry out other such functions as the Commission considers advisable to advance the Privatization Programme.




A Premier Privatization Agency.


To unlock the potential of public enterprises by implementing the Privatization Programme through well-designed strategies to achieve desired national objectives

Core Values

The Commission is committed to upholding the following values to achieve the #PCFIT:

  1. Professionalism: We commit to communicate effectively and appropriately with key focus on quality, expertise and efficiency;
  2. Cohesiveness: We shall embrace team spirit, bond well and have a unity of purpose and direction;
  3. Fairness: We shall be impartial and just and treat all without favoritism or discrimination. We shall ensure equitable distribution of resources and opportunities;
  4. Integrity: We shall employ the highest ethical standards, demonstrate honesty and trustworthiness in our work and personal conduct. We commit to be impeccable and operate above board; and
  5. Transparency and Accountability: We commit to create a work culture that values honest behavior, openness and willingness to be held accountable for our actions.