The Privatization Commission will ensure that the highest level of service to its customers and other stakeholders is maintained regardless of what might happen to its infrastructure or facilities.

There is therefore the need to deal with the many possible causes of service disruption which may affect its operations. In this connection, business continuity planning must be carried out to minimize the effects of a number of potentially disruptive events, for example:

  • Major accidents or incidents, national disaster, epidemic, terrorist attacks;
  • Fire, flood and extreme weather conditions;
  • Loss of utilities, including IT and telephone systems; and
  • Major disruptions to staffing, transport, industrial action, ability to recruit, mass resignations.



This document sets out the general principles and processes for the creation and revision of business continuity and service recovery plans for the Privatization Commission.



The Commission will take all reasonable steps to ensure that in the event of a service interruption, essential services will be maintained and normal services restored as soon as possible. To ensure that this happens, the Commission will put in place robust business continuity and service plans that will be regularly reviewed and tested.

To help the Process Owners to produce robust business continuity and service recovery plans, the Commission will provide form ,templates and procedures and as well as the required support.

Click here to download the Business Continuity Policy for the Commission.