This Business Continuity Policy demonstrates Privatization Commission’s commitment to safeguarding the continuity of its operations. Privatization Commission management has committed to implementing a comprehensive business continuity management program across all its physical and operational information assets that are critical to the provision of services in accordance with Operational, Contractual and Regulatory requirements.

 It will identify and manage Business Continuity risks to its critical assets and maintain a robust resilience posture in alignment with its Business Continuity goals in order to meet stakeholders (clients, authorities, and business partners) expectations and preserve Privatization Commission’s brand image and reputation.

 The Business Continuity Policy and Procedures were last reviewed in 2019 through benchmarking the Commission’s Business Continuity Management with ISO 22301 Business Continuity Management Standard and best practice guidelines 2018. The Commission will take all reasonable steps to ensure that in the event of a service interruption, essential services will be maintained and normal services restored as soon as possible.

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